Raising Nonviolent Children is for the mom struggling with their child’s behavior.

The purpose of this content is to enable mom to feel secure and stay safe while helping their child identify needs and replace difficult and unsafe behaviors with healthy and effective communication.

This provides the knowledge and tools to be confident with all that’s in your power to help your child develop the skills to work towards becoming a self-aware, capable, independent and safe person.

**For parents that need more, this content is also offered through the Transformational Coaching Program which includes 12 weeks of support through 1:1 coaching.**

Regular Online Course includes DIY access to the course for 4 weeks which is ample time for the 2-5 hours of content. Included are helpful recommendations, exercises, downloads to keep and more.

Look for the option to Add Group Coaching: Includes four (4) sessions, one each week, with additional content and further support along with where questions are addressed. Replays available.

Please note the date that access to online course begins (It’s found alongside the course title).